Saturday , 28 March 2020
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Common error in hajj


Umrah Packages

  1. To and fro flight ticket
  2. Umurah visa
  3. Accommodation in Mecca and Medina
  4. Transportation within Saudi Arabia
  5. Visit to hospital places
  6. Daily spiritual lectures
  7. A guide book for Umrah and its activities
  8. Free 10 liter of Zemzem water
  9. Free one set of Hiram
  10. 2 pieces of bags (One hand bag and one baggage bag)


Requirements for Umurah

  1. Daily complete application form
  2. Valid International Passport (E-passport)
  3. 6 passports photograph (with white background)


Hajj Packages

  1. To and fro ticket
  2. Hajj visa and royalty cheque
  3. Accommodation in Mecca and Medina
  4. Tents in Minna and Arafat (Minna tent is category B which

Nclude free feeding and drinks and will contain only 6 people in one tent)

  1. Full air-condition transportation system within Saudi Arabia
  2. Visit to important historical placers in Mecca and Medina with the guide of Al-Mubarak staff headed by managing Director (Alhajj Abdulraman A. Seriki)
  3. Daily spiritual lecture lead by Amiru Li-hajj (Alhajj Imam Samsideen Ajibola Adaranijo)
  4. A free guide book for the Hajj activities and one audio cassette
  5. Free 1 set of Hiram
  6. 3 pieces of bags (One hand bag, One hand luggage and baggage luggage)
  7. Free ZemZem (10litre keg of water)
  8. Royalty cheque

Requirements for Hajj

  1. Duly complete application form
  2. Valid international passport (E-Passport)
  3. 10 passports photograph (with white background)

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